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Strange night, was pretty tired to begin with but then starting thinking about my family. Its been a common thought of late. Living as far away as we do, we don’t get to see them but twice a year it seems. Their health has certainly declined since we moved to Texas. We’ve discussed moving back to be closer to them, but I struggle with those thoughts. Not wanting to give up our life here, going down the complicated path of ┬áreturning to Oklahoma. Those thoughts are countered by my parents declining health and the unknown duration of time they may have.

I feel for my mother greatly, knowing the strain she is going through. My sister who has her own complex life, it seems I may be the only one on a steady rock. An illusion I have mastered over the years. I’ve looked at jobs in Oklahoma, and while I’m sure I can find something the market is so small compared to where we are in Texas. I’ve been struggling with this and other life issues this year, with no resolution in site.