Financial Revelations

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My wife was layed off a month or two ago so we have been eyeing out finances a bit more then normal, seeking ways to cut now so when her unemployment ends we are able to survive.

Its made me evaluate how I’ve paid things in the past and make a few changes to better reflect our financial cash flow. At first I was a bit scared and worried that my income would not cover our expenses. However, I did get a new job and pay raise during this same time. Not enough of a raise to offset the loose of her income, but the added income does help.

Now two months into closer monitoring and seeing where some minor cuts are helping, it does not look even close to dire like I was thinking it could be. We’ve cut back on eating out to only once a week. I’m bringing my lunch to work 4 times if not 5 times a week now. We cut some small expenses as well, and I can see additional areas to cut if needed.

As long as we have each other, as well as our cats, we will be good.