Exit Humanity



We found another gem of a movie this past week, this time thanks to Netflix. Our Netflix que piles up overtime as we add odd and ends that look interesting. Classic films, favorite television shows, and some really bad horror movies. Occasionally we find something special, something that stands out among the crowd of films that Netflix offers. We had no idea how good this movie was going to be, fearing another bad horror movie we dug in.

There are a wide variety of zombie movies and series. A modern day mythos of end times in a world we are very familiar with. What makes this zombie movie stand out among many others is its setting. Not modern day or even this century. It takes place shortly after the end of the civil war. When pop-culture did not permeate the world. In a world still complex, but things like zombie were unknown. The first third of the film follows a father returned from the war to find this wife turned undead and his son missing. He struggles with this dilemma and his path in this now changed world. Narrated by the wonderful Brian Cox, the mood is spine-tingling, as the story unfolds from a man on the verge of suicide to a savior of a new love he discovers along his path.

If you have the opportunity to see this film, please do, its very captivating and a classic new take on a genre filled with lots of bad movies. This one stands out as one of the very best.

Moonrise Kingdom


I’m not really a fan of the repeated stories often shown in romantic comedies and love stories in general. Seeing adults fail at love is not entertaining to me, seeing them fall into the same pitfalls in each and every film with no new takes on the genre.

However, last night I think I realized for the first time that I do enjoy stories of young love. The innocence of two young people so infatuated with each other and seeing the world through new eyes. This realization came from seeing the film Moonrise Kingdom. I recall seeing the previews a year ago, as I placed it in the back of my mind to watch down the road. It premiered on HBO this past week so I DVRed so me and Jackie could watch it. Its a delightful film filled with the adventure of young love on a island between two individuals who have a signs of a troubled past, but at best are just misunderstood. Taking place in the mid-60s and filled with a great cast of well known actors. It has some hilarious moments as the adults try to find two missing children who embarked on adventure to be with each other. Culminating in a fake marriage ceremony and a storm that brings the adults together for the sake of these two children.

The soundtrack features a classical modern style that is addicting and relaxing. Its been a rollar coaster of a year so far, and after a crazy week of playing catch-up  this was a perfect mind relaxing experience for me. It spawned some internal emotions of younger times, and while I don’t think I ever experienced young love at this age(there was that redhead I had an infatuation with when I was in 3rd grade), it was reminiscent of the love that’s grown between me and my wife. It made me wonder what crazy adventures me and Jackie could have taken on with young eyes, if we had meet younger and where of similar age.

As adults its hard to see the world anew sometimes, but this film  allowed me to see the world anew through their eyes. In fact the idea of a camping trip to experience nature with Jackie and detach from this electronic world is very appealing right now. We do in fact need a vacation.

If you have the chance to see this film, I strongly encourage that you do.


Moonrise Kingdom Soundtrack